About Election Money

Interested in money in Illinois politics? This site makes available bulk downloads of Illinois campaign contributions and expenditures from the Illinois State Board of Elections going back to 1994.

We built Election Money to give journalists, activists and citizens better access to and documentation for this historical data.

Team and credits

This is a DataMade project done in collaboration with the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (ICPR) that was spawned at a meeting held in Chicago with the Sunlight Foundation and sponsored by the McCormick Foundation. We built this site to increase the access to campaign contribution data for journalists, activists and curious citizens.


Since launching in July 2014, we've gotten some great local and national press coverage about this site, and more importantly, journalists are using it as a resource for their election coverage!

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All the code for this site is open source. It consists of a scraper and this website to display the data. It was built with:

All the code for this project is available on Github:

API (for programmers)

Lists of and links to each individual file are also available via an API for those of you who plan on using this data to build your own app.

API endpoints available:

For each endpoint, a list of files is returned in JSON format:

# example response from http://electionmoney.org/list/candidates/
    "modified_date": "Jul 25, 2014 01:27 PM",
    "name": "Candidates.csv",
    "url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/il-elections/Candidates.csv",
    "bucket": "il-elections",
    "last_modified": "2014-07-25T13:27:15.000Z",
    "size_bytes": 2757110,
    "size": "2.6 MB"

Built by DataMade and Illinois Campaign for Political Reform | Code on GitHub